The awkward moment when your eye gets itchy midwipe.

The dream i wished was real.

Oh my god. Last night I dreamt Matt Smith was in my house, except he wasn’t dressed as The Doctor and his hair was shaved as it is now! I kind of just stood in my hallway gobsmacked in my Pj’s and everything and thought FINALLY MY TIME HAS COME. WHERE THE TARDIS AT….

And he said “Yes i’m Matt Smith” and he just calmly walked into my room. Admired my poster of him AND THEN THE DREAM CUT OFF NO PLS COME BACK. :((((((

If Tom Riddle was never born.

Read this on a HP page and wanted to share it with Tumblr~

So, say Tom was never born. Merope wouldn’t have died of childbirth, and the Riddles and the groundskeeper wouldn’t have been murdered. Ron Harry and Hermione would probably have never met, and the Durlseys are happy never having to have looked after a Potter. Dumbledore still has his hand, Myrtle’s alive and in her 70’s, Hagrid became a fully qualified whatever he wanted (dragon tamer, most likely), and probably never formed the bond with Harry that he should have. Tonks and Remus would never have met, and the Marauders would all be together, even with little Wormy’s hand in tact, and Sirius not in Azkaban. Harry never competes in the Triwizard and Cedric probably wins, lives, makes off with 1,000 G - so WWW never opens. Or opens at a much, much later date. Mad-Eye’s possibly still in one (maybe two) pieces, Frank and Alice raised their own son, because they aren’t crazy. We still have Gred and Feorge. Hell, Harry would probably be the bloke we see in AVPM. Without the scar. Or the Night Troll. Ron fails school because he was a lazy bugger and got Hermione to take all of his notes for him, and Merlin knows who the DADA teacher would be, since it’s not cursed any more. Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel don’t see the threat of the Stone and live for eternity until shit gets boring. Bellatrix and Rodolphus are probably respected and not insane members of their bloodline, and The Doctor is still a respectable man.
And that’s just a small taste of the difference one man not existing can make.

I mean come on it’s 2013 people!

I wish there was something you could buy to make your hair grow back instantly.